Yamamoto Corporation has a renowned reputation for offering the very best neoprene in the world. The Japanese material is limestone-based and has a unique cell structure compared to other petroleum based neoprenes from other parts of Asia.


The result is a much higher stretch neoprene, more shape retentive, high levels of insulation based on its weight and matt finish.


Yamamoto make a variety of neoprene types with the #39 and #40 SCS being the most superior in triathlon wetsuits. There are also #38 and #39 Smoothskin which are lower cost options but Zone3 don’t use these in their suits due to their lack of durability.


Instead, Zone3 focus on using the most premium materials and combine these with high-tech inner linings and varying thicknesses to maximise performance and comfort in each part of the body. Here is a breakdown of each material:




Used on the Aspire, Vanquish, Victory D, Evolution and Align.


Yamamoto #39 cell neoprene has a very high stretch profile which offers all over body flexibility. The #39 cell neoprene extends to a 520% elongation rate, meaning this material moves with the every stroke or kick. The SCS (Super Composite Skin) coating ensures zero water absorption and the micro-cell structure of this coating significantly reduces surface resistance in the water which results in quicker swim times. The #39 cell SCS neoprene is one of the highest quality materials on the market and offers the swimmer great buoyancy, warmth and flexibility.




Used on the Vanquish, Victory D and Align.


Yamamoto #40 Cell neoprene is the premier fabric offered by Yamamoto in terms of comfort, flexibility and suppleness. Mostly used in a 1.5mm or 2mm thickness, it feels simply amazing around the arms, shoulders, lats and back. It does come at a price but it is certainly justified when the suit is worn and there is almost no restrictions to your swim stoke. Pure speed, distance per stroke and comfort.


The Nano SCS (Super Composite Skin) coating ensures zero water absorption and the micro-cell structure of this coating creates an incredibly low drag coefficient which results in an incredibly quick swim.




An innovative ultra-thin and lightweight SCS coating with almost zero drag through the water but with thermal properties and flexibility making it the perfect material to aid the arm stroke. Also, due to low buoyancy the material reduces the amount of force needed to push through the water and therefore reduced arm fatigue and improve endurance.




Used on the Advance and Venture.


Smoothskin offers good all-around buoyancy, thermal protection and flexibility but lacks the speed through the water and durability of the SCS coated products offered by Yamamoto.




Used on the Advance and Venture.


Speedflo is Zone3’s own style of Nano coating which is used on certain parts of the Advance wetsuit and all-over the Vision wetsuit. It provides fantastic flexibility, buoyancy and durability given the price point. The coating helps to increase speed through the water and plays a big part in helping to reduce any finger nail tears.




Used on the Advance and Venture.


Zone3’s latest version of the Speedflo fabric is particularly innovative as it is able to offer the same drag resistance and buoyancy together with significantly more flexibility. Perfect to help increase the distance achieved with each stroke and comfort under the arms.



Used on the Evolution.

A durable double coated nylon fabric which offers flexibility and warmth but is much more durable than smoothskin neoprene so suitable for rock scrambling. 



Used on the Vanquish and Victory D.


Aerodome fabric combines Yamamoto #39 SCS neoprene with air cavities built between the layers which help to achieve up to 30% more buoyancy than traditional 5mm neoprene. These cavities give the material the dimpled look and are positioned on the body parts which need the most support in the water such as the hips, quads and stomach. This extra core support helps to promote streamlined swimming and less drag through the water.



Used on Aspire and Vanquish.

Our Yamamoto #39 Gunmetal SCS is an extremely soft and highly flexible material with great shape retention. It not only looks fantastic but is one of the most comfortable wetsuit materials available.


Used on Vanquish.

Aeroforce fabric is used on the forearms to give an improved feeling and catch in the water. Rather than a traditional rubber fabric, the Vanquish uses a double layer of high performance, water repellent textile from Italy. This firstly reduces arm fatigue, as there is not as much buoyancy resistance during the catch phases of the stroke but also allows the swimmer to improve their efficiency in the water. No water can enter the suit but you will feel the coolness of the water on the forearm panel which helps to align your hand and forearm during the stroke to give more propulsion and also a more natural feeling swim.




A combination of lining materials are used throughout the Zone3 suits to maximise the impact of each material. Our entry level wetsuits use soft and comfortable linings with medium stretch on the legs and chest and higher stretch on the arms, back and collar. The top end wetsuits focus on using the highest flex linings possible with 4-way stretch giving unparallel freedom of movement and distance per stroke. The Vanquish wetsuit also features our Silk-Fit inner lining which is ultra-soft and comfortable making the wetsuit a breeze to put on and feel great against the skin. The Victory D wetsuit features a layer of Titanium powder to help maintain body