Women's RX3 Medical Grade Compression Shorts

R 1,300
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Zone3 compression shorts have been developed alongside our tights over the last four years and all feedback and testing suggests they are one of the most comfortable and best fitting compression shorts on the market.

They not only offer validated gradient compression but also are designed to carefully support the muscles and make you feel and perform your best during exercise. A combination of X-PWR and Revolution Energy fabric from Italy is used to support the hip and knee whilst increasing blood flow to the hamstrings, quads and glutes. Perfect for training, racing or post-workout recovery.

The fabrics provide a firm yet soft fit and actively wick away sweat from your skin to regulate body temperature and keep you dry, making them perfect to wear under your normal clothes as well as during exercise. Comfort is maximised with a 4.5cm waist band with drawstring cord and flatlock stitching throughout the garment.  A high denier strength material is used for our Black-Out feature which ensures the tights don’t go see-through during gym work and a matt fabric is used for a subtle finish.

Flatlock stitching is also used throughout the garment for comfort and durability. Each pair has two storage options, firstly there is a heat taped zipped pocket on the upper back for nutrition or music devices storage and there is also a hidden pocket inside the front waistband for smaller items.

Key Features:

  • Graduated compression to increase blood circulation, reduce lactic acid build up and improve recovery times.
  • X-PWR & Revolution Energy fabric to improve performance, power and muscle support.
  • Comfort waistband, drawstring cord back pocket.
  • Breathable and wicking fabric with built in UPF 50 sun protection and Antibacterial properties.
  • Reflective logos

With our new compression collection, we aim to bring to the market a range of products which not only look and feel amazing but also are backed up by scientific data to prove the positive effect they have on the body. These shorts are suitable for all levels and abilities and are perfect for training, racing and recovery from almost any sport!

More information on these tests can be viewed here. These tights are suitable for all levels and abilities and are perfect for training, racing and recovery from almost any sport.