Women's Aeroforce-X

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What makes this product different:

  • Designed to be the World’s Fastest Tri suit
  • Fully tested in the wind tunnel, velodrome and by elite athletes
  • Exclusively manufactured in the UK
  • Innovative fit and fabric technology to maximise performance across each discipline



We are all looking for extra speed – once you've conquered the finish, triathlon is all about getting there faster. It is that notion that gave birth to our new Aeroforce-X range.

Zone3 have collaborated with Aero specialist NoPinz to develop the world’s fastest tri suit. Utilising the facilities at the Boardman performance centre and Aerocoach (our aerodynamic partner) we have performed extensive fabric, pattern layout and competitor testing to help us produce the fastest possible bike time, without sacrificing swim and run comfort.

The beauty of this suit design is that the data shows it performs at higher levels than all of our competitor’s aero suits and – most importantly – it does this across a range of key velocities. So, not only at 40kmph but also 30, 35 and 45kmph which are the most common speeds during the bike phase.

We set out to design a suit that delivers improvement across a range of scenarios, and that is what we have achieved. We want the customer to be able to invest in an Aeroforce-X suit and know they will be faster and have an advantage over any other athlete on the start line who isn’t wearing this suit.

No matter which course you are racing or your anticipated bike split speeds – investing in this suit is guaranteed to help you save watts, increase speed and leave you feeling fresher for the run.


Key Features:

Fabrics: Over 30 fabrics were developed and tested to make sure that the world’s fastest Aero suit could be made. Five unique fabrics from Italy and France make up each suit which was necessary in order to find the perfect balance between speed, breathability, comfort, coverage and overall performance. These can be seen below:

  1. Aeroforce-X : Located on the sleeve panels, this is a unique dimple fabric based on golf ball technology and is located in the key areas to help minimise drag and increase speed by creating a thin turbulent boundary layer of air that clings to the suit’s surface. This allows the air to smoothly follow the contours of the body, thereby decreasing the size of the wake – slicing through the air faster and more efficiently. It also includes a full water repellent nano coating.
  2. Aero-Stripe: Similar to the Aeroforce-X fabric this fabric is located on the underarm and lat panels and was tested against several other similar materials in this location to ensure it was the most aerodynamic.
  3. Aeroforce Soft-Touch: A premium and technically advanced material is used on the front body which offers great coverage whilst having an ‘invisible’ feel. The material is light, breathable and offers 360 degree stretch. Extremely quick drying and features a high-tech water repellent nano coating to reduce drag resistance in and out of the water.
  4. Airflo: An extremely lightweight, breathable and wicking material is located on the back panel for optimum temperature control.
  5. Premium-Fit: A smooth and soft fabric that feels fantastic against the skin, providing coverage, core muscle support and graduated compression on the legs.

Scientific Aero Development: This started and finished in the wind-tunnel. Firstly, on the fabrics and testing at different speeds and on different locations on the body. This data was then taken into the prototype design stages and feedback on the velodrome and in races was used to further optimise the suit design over several months. Different shapes of athletes and a combination of track and wind tunnel meant that we could find the best real-world averages. We then went back to the wind tunnel for more testing and here the slightest of tweaks were made to find those marginal gains. We didn’t stop until we had made significant gains on what was currently available in the triathlon industry. More information can be found on the Zone3 blog, “The Story Behind the Suit”.

The results: The Zone3 Aeroforce-X suit has the lowest drag compared to all key competitor suits tested between 35-45 kmph. The variability at different speeds was also less than half than that of the next best competitor making it the most consistent suit on test.

Comfort: The ultra-lightweight breathable fabrics feel superior against the skin and will ensure you are dry within minutes of the bike leg. The core body panel incorporates ColdBlack technology across the core to reduce infared absorption and help regulate body temperature.

Design Features:

  1. Laser-cut arm and leg holes with an integrated lightweight silicone grip are designed to keep the arms and legs in place. This unique design also improves the aerodynamic profile due to the removal of any stitching.
  2. A low-profile neckline is design for improved fit without chafing.
  3. Water-repellent coatings help to reduce drag and absorption in the water, adding extra speed and reducing fatigue before the bike.
  4. Nutrition storage: Aero designed pockets for storage without affecting performance or increasing drag.
  5. A unique flexible zip was sourced from Japan to allow a more Aero position to be achieved on the bike whilst still allowing comfort when standing to run.
  6. High-performance pad from Cytech in Italy, specifically designed for triathlon and suitable across all distances whether it’s Sprint, Olympic, 70.3 or Long.
  7. Arms and leg lengths designed to be a little longer than your traditional Trisuit to maximise the aerodynamic benefits.

The Aeroforce-X is the pinnacle of the Zone3 Tri clothing range and is perfect for those athletes looking to take their performance to the next level.